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In 2014, results of a new DNA study of a tuberculosis genome reconstructed from remains in southern Peru suggest that human tuberculosis is less than 6,000 years old.Even if researchers theorize that humans first acquired it in Africa about 5,000 years ago, It spread to other humans along trade routes.It recommended that it be treated with the surgical lancing of the cyst and the application of a ground mixture of acacia seyal, peas, fruits, animal blood, insect blood, honey and salt.

They also found it related most closely to a tuberculosis strain in seals, and have theorized that these animals were the mode of transmission from Africa to South America.Human bones from the Neolithic show a presence of the bacteria.There have also been a claim of evidence of lesions characteristic of tuberculosis in a 500,000 years old Homo erectus fossile, although this finding is controversial.In addition, TB spread via humans on the trade routes of the Old World.Other researchers have argued there is other evidence that suggests the tuberculosis bacteria is older than 6,000 years.

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