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Sometimes there's as little as a five-year age difference between a cougar and her cub, sometimes it's 20 (or more).

It really doesn't matter as long as everyone knows what they're looking for and what they're getting.

Today's cougar is fun-loving, smart, knows what she wants-and isn't afraid to go after it.

Everyone can be a cougar, from top-level executives, soccer moms, community leaders, and newly single women who want the fun of a relationship without all the demands and baggage of traditional relationships. There is no standard age for cougars and Cougar Life welcomes women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and up.

Given that Anderson's message is that people should esteem marriage more and that one of her points was that women needed to stop cutting men down, the complementarian viewpoint and ensuing recurrence stereotypes ultimately detracted from her thesis. [um, so broke and in debt because previous generations destroyed the economy?

This perspective is all to the good, but the book overly relies on anecdata and is written from a very gender-essentialist standpoint ("Men like to pursue; guys should ALWAYS pay on dates or else women won't respect them" etc).

They have translated into bad action (or no action) in dating and relationships. I thought I'd be fulfilling some kind of rockin' calling with a hopelessly devoted, incredibly hot, and financially secure husband who happened to be ridiculously godly... One quote really stuck out in my mind, so I’m going to end my review by quoting Lisa: “It may not be the story you expected, but God never drops the ball. Wait for your story to unfold, and do your part in crafting it.” You don't have to be single to benefit from this book. If you enjoy humorous writing and can handle tough truths about how we do relationships, this is a book you should read. I read it straight through on a flight this July and found myself laughing out loud at moments & feeling Lisa's pain in others.They're often more open minded than their older counterparts, less judgmental, and are able to see the humor in almost any situation, which is what makes them such a compatible cougar companion.A free-spirited 35-year- old woman may have more in common with a twenty-something looking to explore the world than a career-focused man her own age, who may be too time-stressed to take time out for romance and enjoying life.

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