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It's important to see every first date as a learning experience rather than a hunt for "The One," Chrisler says.

That way, you won't be measuring the date based on how good of a fit it is between the two of you.

A great first date could simply equate to making a strong connection and noticing sparks fly between the two of you."Keep a first date really light and easy.

Don't make a big, over-the-top deal about it," Keegan says.

If it's a good friend you've recently gotten closer to, who knows? There's no perfect formula for how to have a successful first date, since everyone is different and relationship dynamics vary between couples as well. Figuring out how to act and say the right things can all depend on different factors, like the activity and location of your first date or even what mood you're in right before the date begins.So how do you know if your date is actually enjoying him or herself?"Laughing, really strong eye contact, getting touchy — touching, holding hands, arms around, having a kiss. Less obvious signs include having a nice flow in conversation and feeling as if you've lost track of time."Be open to the possibility of something really cool happening between you two."An ideal first date is no longer than an hour and a half to two hours, Keegan says."It keeps the mystery there and leaves you both wanting a little bit more." The exception is if getting physical is a part of your mutual goals. Playing the basic 20 questions about work, politics, and business can wear people out, so "look for opportunities to get to know [them] beyond just grilling him like it's an interrogation," Keegan says. Be playful and make getting to know each other actually fun.

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