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The space is apparently "modeled after a 1940s artist's loft," and weird paintings, books, and sculpted busts line the windowsills and furniture -- not bad as far as conversation starters go.It’s not just a zoo with the requisite lions, tigers, and elephants (plus two white alligators). In other words, you can find out if your date was telling the truth about liking long walks and conversation.Select classes are free, and several shows cost less than if you buy online.Who says New Orleans doesn’t have any good nature stuff?Jackson Square never looks more picturesque than when viewed the Mississippi River.Plus, between the river breeze and prow perch, you could have your very own If you can’t make your date laugh, pay someone else to do it.But don’t worry, because everyone here has it and it’s non-life-threatening. It’s a provincial place and everybody tends to wind up in the same spots and the same events, so you’re going to run into your ex at some point, and in some cases, frequently. Particularly, things like “where the good bathrooms are,” “which world-famous musician is sitting in on a secret show with a local group,” and “which bars have amazing free food,” among other things.

Fortunately, a boardwalk path makes the swamps easy to navigate.If all else fails, browse the open-air art market -- as good a place as any to get your date a locally made memento. Just sit up front and learn from New Orleans’ top chefs before enjoying incredibly generous samples of their wares. Perched at the top of a 1920s-era hotel, this sleek bar offers strong drinks and a 270-degree view of Downtown.For all you budget romantics out there, this date idea offers a way to look extremely classy (it’s a museum! The sparkling view of the skyline, luxurious indoor seating and outdoor patio, and rotating cocktail menu are enough to make any night memorable.This is a town that loves to eat, but not just in restaurants.Cooking dinner is one of the best dates New Orleans can offer, so you’d better have some chops.

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