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So if the name seems funny to you, accept it anyway.

If you have doubts about what you have received, ask your angel to confirm the name by giving you signs during the next few days with his or her name in it.

News Brendan Keane An agreement has finally been reached between the St Michael’s Parish Finance Committee and Wexford County Council in relation to the development of St Joseph’s old school site, in Wexford Street, Gorey.

Sara Gahan Historian and broadcaster John Bowman opened the 24th Byrne Perry Summer School on Friday evening in Gorey Library where more than 80 people gathered to hear his lecture on Irishwomen since 1916,...

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Anna Hayes While the week leading up to a race meeting would be busy enough at the best of times, there was extra activity in Wexford Racecourse last week as a new well was dug to ensure sufficient water supply to the course.

Cain urges changes at the workplace, in schools, and in parenting; offers advice to introverts for functioning in an extrovert-dominated culture; and offers advice in communication, work, and relationships between people of differing temperament.

Cain argues that modern Western culture misunderstands and undervalues the traits and capabilities of introverted people, employing academic research, supplemented with anecdotes, to describe how American culture got to this point.

As you exhale, imagine yourself letting go of anything that you don’t want. When you reach the number twenty, simply ask your guardian angel his or her name. The most common way to receive an answer is as a thought, so if a name just pops in your head, don’t think you are making it up.

In this case, your guardian angel is speaking to you telepathically, so make sure to accept whatever you are you are receiving.

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