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If you insist on doing this from the server end of things, it should be possible to write a custom program to read the entries from a DHCP lease export, and register the addresses, but be sure to run it as the same account that DHCP uses for registrations, or else it may have trouble updating the entries in the future.By Doug Lowe The exact steps to follow when you configure and manage a DHCP server depend on the network operating system or router you’re using.The methods that jhill777 should hopefully resolve the issue.Billy The Threat Lab team analyzes data from Watch Guard’s Firebox Feed, internal and partner threat intelligence, and a research honeynet, to provide insightful analysis about the top threats on the Internet.If only the client registers its own DNS record, shouldn't it update immediately after it picks up a new IP address and overwrite the old record on the spot?Are there any issues with only clients registering in DNS for themselves?Is the DHCP server added to the Dns Update Proxy Group?Also: This happens in cases where the client machine is not joined to the domain and has a missing or different suffix than the zone in DNS.

it is not the DHCP server that updates the DNS server, the client is the one that will need to update the DNS server (there is an option to select register with DNS in the TCP/IP properties dialog box [dynamic updates]).

Check out our Q1 2018 report for smart, practical security advice today! The pen icon means "Active lease, DNS dynamic update pending.

This address is not available for lease by the DHCP server.

To fix this issue, we have to manually delete the old DNS record, then log into the client and do ipconfig /registerdns and then ipconflig /flushdns from the system trying to access the client.

The permanent fix may be to upgrade from Server 2008 to Server 2012 R2 so we can use dhcp failover instead of split scope, but can we work around this issue by not having dhcp servers register DNS records for clients?

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