Does dating mean boyfriend and girlfriend

Making plans more than a week or two ahead is one thing, but if they ask if you want to get tickets for a show or go with them to a wedding in three months’ time, but you’ve only been seeing each other for eight weeks, you know it’ll be Arguably one of the biggest milestones of all in the early stages of a relationship, posting a picture or making any reference to someone on social media is almost like declaring your love for to the world. Even if they make no reference to you being any sort of romantic companion, it sends a clear message to you that you’re not just a casual fling.

All your friends, family and exes will be speculating.

I talk to many friends who get hung up on "status" of a relationship. On one hand, if you're dating everything is great, the person is treating you right, why does it matter if you're labeled girlfriend-boyfriend?

On the other hand, if things are so great, why not just go ahead and admit you're girlfriend-boyfriend?

And no, not just the flatmates they awkwardly bump into on their way back from the bathroom.

4 years later (right now) talking about our future together/planning our future together.

Labels don’t matter as long as you’re both on the same page.

If they aren’t comfortable with the term that’s fine, some folks are weird about words.

However as long as you both agree to be exclusive, well isn’t that what really matters to you?

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