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ELECTRIC GUITARS “While Epiphone’s SN systems for acoustic instruments and 1950s electric hollow bodies appear to be pretty straightforward, the SN systems of their other electric instruments and amps are much less so.

Over the years a number of different SN systems were used.” (Wiedler) “With the inception of the Electar line in late 1935, Epiphone began a new numbering system which was employed solely on the electric instruments (Electar, Century, Coronet, Zephyr, Kent, Harry Volpe model).

The s/n is sometimes ink typed on a label where it should have been letter pressed.

According to Wiedler Epiphone often applied a newer type label with the old s/n typed in when a guitar was brought in for repair.

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(Fisch & Fred, , page 225) Wiedler wrote us June 2013: “The Electar series started at a lower s/n than 3-digit. Until circa 1938 the s/n stamp is located on the top edge of the headstock.see pictures Quite often the serialnumber was also blind stamped (some handwritten) on the underside of the bridgefoot.Occasionally the serialnumber was handwritten on one of the braces.The first and the fifth number combined show the year that the instrument was made.The second, third, and fourth numbers show on which day of that year the instrument was made.

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