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Brock did not listen to her and recklessly press-slammed her, grabbing hard on the sensitive area.

Cornette’s wife began to yell at Lesnar (after the match, backstage) in serious pain, and Brock yelled back.

Although, despite his anger and temper, Hayes was so unpopular, that no one decided to tell him who cut off his hair.

The fight between Steiner and DDP escalated and built up over many years, based on a mutual dislike for one another.

Oh how great the wrestling business used to be, particularly backstage and on the road, with so many classic stories from past wrestlers.

Jim’s wife told Brock to be careful during the bump because of a piercing she had just got done.Former wrestlers describe this event as “the plane ride from hell”.Back in the day, the WWE would charter flights for wrestlers and the wrestling staff only (this, mixed with free alcohol and a long plane ride home from England, can only escalate into hell).Kimberly was not too crazy about the idea, and Steiner was not pleased at all, and began to swear at Page, calling her the “c” word.Kimberly had enough and reportedly quit WCW on the spot.

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