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I was offered a room and instantly asked if I would like to pay cash for the room.The rate was 0 from memory, I said I would pop in on my credit card.Reply A robbery took place as a quest at the SMYRNA Hotel. No one has contacted me from your Hotel, or your Corporate Offices.A report was made to Vladamir Lewis as well the Smyrna Police.On June 1st we were in West Monroe, LA and decided to stay at your property located at 507 Constitution Drive. The gentleman in reception was extremely friendly and welcoming ….I explained my family consisted of 2 adults and 2 kids….Majority of the a.c units are outdated and the maint man doesn’t have the proper tools to fix them neither is he certified. NO PICTURES IN ROOMS, TOILETS DONT WORK WELL ROOM HAS A MUSTY SMELL EVEN IF CLEANED. SOME ONE NEEDS TO POP UP ON HIM BECAUSE HE GIVES THE BRAND A AWFUL LOOK.The pet rooms do not get deep clean as they should often. BILL COLLECTORS CALL FREQUENTLY FOR OWNER ITS ANNOYING TRYING TO DO YOUR JOB LIGHTS BLINKING OUTSIDE AND INSIDE LOBBY LIKE A POOR KEPT HOTEL. Reply Hello, my family and I have just returned to Australia after spending 4 fabulous weeks visiting the States.

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The housekeeping closet has a open space where I once saw a mice slip in. The hotel is roach infested they do not do a monthly update with pest control they will only select a few rooms. The pool is not kept up correctly The breakfast area is outdated doesn’t have the upcoming things like the new models do. Management is overstressed and understaffed herself. POWER COMPANY CALLS AND HAVE TO LEAVE NOTICE OF DISCONNECTION IF BILL ISNT PAID REMODEL HAS BEEN IN MOTION FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS AND STILL ISNT COMPLETED.

I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN and after reading the comments here I will warn people not to use them either.


HOWEVER, he then said you can’t come down to the reception area to check out in the morning and that he was unable to issue me a receipt for my stay. I instantly thought this all sounded a little underhand and said I would prefer to use my credit card, I actually said I didn’t have enough cash on me just to get him to back off a little as he was really pushing the ‘cash’ option, he responded by telling me where the nearest ATM machine was and said he would take a further off the room making it 0 if I agreed to cash. I have worked in hospitality and thought you may like to know that you have staff members out there who are clearly ripping you off.

He said under no circumstances were we to contact reception during our stay or check the following morning …. And most likely me too if I had of taken him up on his offer, I’m sure he would have charged my card the minute we left your hotel and not had a leg to stand on as I wouldn’t have had a receipt.

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