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It might not have been harassment, but it was not fun. Others would say the very fact that this is up for debate means we’ve gone too far; that we are now in danger of conflating mass rape with a lewd remark or a touching of the knee.

But as sentient adults, we can all recognise that there is a scale of sexual conduct, which starts somewhere around mutually enjoyable flirtation and ends with rape.

Claire Foy said Adam Sandler’s hand on her knee “caused no offence”, even though she pointedly removed it.

But, in the climate of Weinstein, it still struck many people as offensive.

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If you’re ready to learn how to flirt with girls like a champ, then keep reading.That’s why girls will choose a sarcastic, funny asshole over a dull, average nice guy every time. Flirting is a harmless and fun way to show your sexual interest to any girl that you’re trying to pick up, and you’d be surprised by the things you can pull off doing and saying to a girl if you’re giving off the right kind of vibe. Don’t step over the line and say something hurtful or harmful. Now with that disclaimer behind us, let me show you my top 2 secrets for how to flirt with girls: Tease her to please her This works like magic, probably because teasing is what flirting (well, proper flirting) is all about.Most guys take flirting with girls way too seriously and then wonder why nothing seems to be working for them.“Grabbing by the p**sy” or anywhere else is not merely harassment, it is assault. But in the real world, regardless of the intent or impact, it is harassment if they feel harassed, or are likely to feel harassed.If men are still confused about how their behaviour might be interpreted, there’s a very simple solution: just ask. Even in situations where a woman manages to emerge from the encounter entirely unscathed – physically, psychologically, emotionally, professionally, socially, financially – it can still be harassment.

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