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It may have been after this flood that Fort Nelson was moved across the river to higher ground.

Treaty: The next chapter in the history of Fort Nelson Slave commences with the arrival of Indian agent H. Conroy at Fort Nelson in August 1911 to include these people among the signatories to the Dominion’s Indian Treaty Number 8.

This location is about seventy-five miles below the present position of the settlement and is also on the opposite or right bank of the river.

Duchaussois states the old Fort Nelson (which, according to him, was built by the North West Company) was located on the bank of the river opposite from that which it now occupies and about halfway between the present post and Fort Liard.

This would put the original site of the post approximately opposite the location of the present site.

One informant (GA) reported the original Fort Nelson to have been located only twenty-five miles from the mouth of the Fort Nelson River, and at a site which today is designated on the map as Maloney’s Cabin, from the name of an American trapper who operates from there.

(Added to the library collection September 8, 1976) The history of the Fort Nelson can be studied in four broad and overlapping periods.

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A month later, while at that place, he saw the tabernacle of St. Returning to Fort Nelson he found that a second flood had carried away the entire mission as well as the house of the priest.Father Duchaussois presents a slightly different account of the raid.According to him a group of Slave and Bad People, after bringing the bourgeois news of having killed a number of “reindeer”, collected some money and then watched the factor’s men start for the game.The Indians invited the trader to come to their camp where they had “lots of meat”.They then hid along the trail and killed him from ambush.

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