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Equipment that uses Professional Disc as well as XDCAM 4:2:2 on Sx S cards as recording media employs MXF container to store digital audio/digital video streams.

Tapeless camcorders that record onto solid-state memory cards, use MP4 container for high definition audio/video, and DV-AVI container for DV video.

Sony maintains that different formats within XDCAM family have been designed to meet different applications and budget constraints.

The XDCAM range includes cameras and decks which act as drop-in replacements for traditional VTRs allowing XDCAM discs to be used within a traditional videotape-based workflow.

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This format supports multiple frame sizes, frame rates, scanning types and quality modes.

JVC camcorders that use XDCAM EX recording format, are also capable of recording into Quick Time container besides using MP4 container.

DVCAM uses standard DV encoding, which runs at 25 Mbit/s, and is compatible with most editing systems.

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