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The influence of dexamethasone on postoperative swelling and neurosensory disturbances after orthognathic surgery: a randomized controlled clinical trial.

W Semper-Hogg, MA Fuessinger, TW Dirlewanger, CP Cornelius, MC Metzger.

Evaluation of facial asymmetry in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Correlation between hard tissue and soft tissue landmarks.

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DGM Mosmuller, TJ Maal, C Prahl, RA Tan, FJ Mulder, RMF Schwirtz, HCW de Vet, SJ Bergé, JPW Don Griot. Quantitative Assessment of Facial Asymmetry Using Three-Dimensional Surface Imaging in Adults: Validating the Precision and Repeatability of a Global Approach. Variation of the face in rest using 3D stereophotogrammetry. D Kornreich, AA Mitchell, BD Webb, I Cristian, EW Jabs. Quantitative Anthropometric Measures of Facial Appearance of Healthy Hispanic/Latino White Children: Establishing Reference Data for Care of Cleft Lip With or Without Cleft Palate. A new method for three-dimensional evaluation of the cranial shape and the automatic identification of craniosynostosis using 3D stereophotogrammetry. JW Meulstee1, LM Verhamme, WA Borstlap, F Van der Heijden, GA De Jong, T Xi, SJ Bergé, H Delye, TJJ Maal.

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