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We live in a trauma induced society and we must heal at the core.

Intuitive Intelligence is the path the radical healing.

Ask questions, get 2nd opinions, insist on hand washing and basic sterile practice to avoid infection. The #metoo movement, the women’s march, March For Our Lives … So many people today are stepping forward as it is now that the collective consciousness is opening to allow these experiences and transformation. What is happening that our collective experience is bringing to light these deep hidden truths that have corrupted our society for centuries.

Avoid adverse drug events, the 4th leading cause of death, in the US. What is a “Sacred Revolution” and how do we drive out the old ideals that have created TRAUMATIC SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT.

Doing work on the ground floor in countries like India, Nepal and coming to Africa this year is one of the many ways she gives back.As is the case, Real Life has once again hit the guild and we are looking for more people to come hang out with us!We are open to social members as well as people interested in joining the raid team!Although the aim of each guild is to experience as much endgame as possible, we are also looking for social or casual members.If you are looking for a fun place to call home in Wo W or SWTOR we are clearly your best choice!

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