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As my knees gave out, his entire hand vibrated my pussy while the tip of his finger pressed against my hot button, I drenched the hand between my legs and the smell of sex filled the kitchen.His other arm held me so that I didn’t fall and I felt protected with his strength.A rush of adrenaline at being controlled by him, my desire at his whim, encompassed me, pushing my climax to dizzying heights. I thought about how we’d finally reached this point in our relationship.***“I want you to tie me up.I rested against him for a moment and he held me close.“Thank you so much,” the words came out as a hoarse whisper. The scratchy hair of his chest against my soft skin kept the flame of desire hot within my belly. I want you to take control,” the words came out harsh, almost cruel sounding.

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But our fantasies have a way of demanding attention and fulfillment.And we offer this opportunity with no risk to you: Try us for a 10 minute introductory session, and if you find that the experience is just not what you’re hoping it will be, we will not charge you for the session.We’re able to offer this unique opportunity without operating at a loss, because we’re almost never asked to waive our fee for a dissatisfied client.But erotic fantasies have a way of demanding attention.You long to confess your erotic secrets to another person. A person who shares your interest in this secret fantasy.

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