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On July 19, the texter who identified himself as Fields wrote a long confession to the woman.

"I know that your world has been turned upside down with recent events, but I have to admit that I want something from you," he wrote. I realize that (1) I have a wife, (2) you have a lot going on, but the act of me loving you will not change cause [sic] you or me any added complication." Another time, the message is brief. Supervisor in my office." On Thursday, Roddy cautioned that the investigation is in the very early stages and he can't discuss details.

The attorney claims Fields showed the witness a photo line-up and when she failed to identify the defendant as the suspect, he showed her another set of photos that were all of only the defendant.

2014: A defense attorney for a man charged with attempted murder says Fields and other investigators failed to test all the guns found at the crime scene for fingerprints and ballistics.

In 2006, Fields was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after he crashed his personal vehicle on Bonny Oaks Drive.

He initially lied to investigators and said he had been carjacked, but eventually admitted he was intoxicated.

"We don't want to compromise where [the investigation] goes, because we're not exactly sure of that yet.

He pleads guilty to DUI and receives a 14-day unpaid suspension from CPD.

2012: A defense attorney questions Fields' police work during a murder trial after audio files of interviews Fields conducted were lost somewhere between Fields and the evidence collection officer.

She joins him for drinks, invites him to her house and asks for help finding a job.

But at other times she turns him away and says she is not interested in sex.

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