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Songs you could sing or hum were good for code: Red Sails in the Sunset, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, The Bunny Hop, Walk Like an Egyptian, The House of the Rising Sun (Japanese flag), Maple Leaf Rag, O Canada! Not Kosher for Passover (Also draws in the image of lamb's blood on the door frames). The pediatricians are getting worried about losing future customers, so Dr.

(Red maple leaf on white flag), The Red, Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bobbing Along, Remember the Red River Valley. No Jews allowed (well, some Jewish guys still did). Because there would be no need for a rabbit test: The bunny lived! Blank is busy drawing Binky, learning more about the dynamic opportunities in the heating and cooling industry, taking in a boarder, etc.

She made a noise that I recognized and I asked her if she needed me to hand her something. I was surprised that more terms involving mouse mattresses were not listed.

Through the crack in the door she saw me reach for a tampon, and said, 'No, the little square box.' Months later she had occasion to tell me she was having cramps and referred to the incident. Keeping the mouse up nights, making the mouse sleep on the floor or the couch, being a mouseketeer, Mickey Mouse gestures, etc.

I still think of Modess and Midol sometimes when Scott Joplin's name comes up in conversation.

It coincided with midterms once, and a floor mate dismissed a loud fight between two roommates as, 'They'll be friends again by next week. Based on jokes: I'm missing (only wearing) one sock. I was hospitalized in England and they referred to the pads by the brand name Dr Whites.

My car's stalled at a red light means a longer than normal period. ' At some offices, the employer thoughtfully provides a free supply. I don't remember calling it the Egyptian Flow but that makes sense now.

Thus, women refer to 'certain paper products only available in the ladies room.' One of my office mates was already in the stall when she discovered a need. We did add Walk Like an Egyptian to the song list, though. You think your typewriter's pregnant because it skipped a period.

We were still trying to push off from the beach while both curled up in the fetal position laughing.

That made our butts drag on the sand so we had even less chance of getting the raft launched.

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