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(Picture: Yemen's southern port of Aden.)Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal and in some northern states punishable with death by stoning.This is not a policy enacted across the entire country, although there is a prevalent anti-LGBT agenda pushed by the government.Rev Holdsworth is a LGBTQ campaigner and the provost of St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, a Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of England’s sister institution.Currently same-sex couples are not allowed to marry in the Church of England, while The Scottish Episcopal Church voted to allow priests to decide for themselves.ST Vincent Place the V's ST Vincent Street (off Heorge Square), Glasgow In the lane behind ST.Christians should pray for Prince George to be gay in order to force the Church of England to support same-sex marriage, a senior Anglican minister has said.Rev Holdsworth told that as leader of the Church of England, it is ultimately up to the Archbishop of Canterbury to decide the Church's stance on same-sex marriage.

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London-based startup Dattch is a dating app with a difference.

(Picture: The courthouse in the Haj Yousef district in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.)Homosexuality and transgender is illegal and punishable by the death penalty, imprisonment, corporal punishment, whipping and chemical castration.

(Picture: The emblem of Saudi Arabia above the embassy in London.)The official position within the country is that there are no gays.

(Picture: Riot police hold an LGBT activist during a Moscow rall.)Men who are found having sex with other men face stoning, while lesbians can be imprisoned, under Sharia law.

However, the state has not reportedly executed anyone for this ‘crime’ since 1987.

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