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They're a lot more down-to-earth than girls in western countries and like to dress sexy and cute. - I'm Asian and often got many looks from the ladies everywhere I went.And when I did approaches, they were often happy to engaged me in conversation, sometimes invited me to have a drink or to walk with them.[Read: ] However, that does not mean they don’t get flattered by attention and romance.Bringing her a nice bouquet will warm her heart as much as taking her out on a fancy restaurant.So, try to be as open, outgoing and confident as possible. If she asks you to split the bill with you, it’s because she likes being independent. Learn to Flirt in German Unlike women in other countries, German women are not used to getting a lot of compliments.In fact, there’s a well-established notion that German men don’t know how to flirt.One Polish guy even told me that if the girls find out you're from one of those countries, they'll instantly get wet.However, Germans and Russians don't get much love at all.

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Guys from Latin countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece get top billing because the girls romanticize those cultures as warm and romantic.A good conversation would help you in connecting to German women, and they would start valuing your company.And once they start getting comfortable with you, it’s easy to take it to the next level.(For most being black is ugly, (this is rooted from history which I won't elaborate here) I was able to get out of that state-of-mind when I was already in college.It was hard growing up with TV ads showing lotions, soaps, etc.

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