Girls mind games dating Chatopolis reviews

Self-doubt creeps in, and we ask: We finally hear from our love interest three days later, and get the coveted second date for Saturday. So, why do we play mind games, even when we’re romantically attracted to the person?

We’re socially conditioned to think frustration breeds desire, and our own biology helps reinforce this belief.

We probably all do it, to some degree, but the question still remains whether we should.

So, is wanting what we can’t have a mating strategy we’ve adopted?

After all, we are the ones who dont want sluts, so they have to behave like if they are not.

If you walk away, it could mean two things: a) you have better options than her (this is what ideally you want her to think anyways).

That's a good feeling and I hope others will use the power of "walking away". What I have found that work on most cases is to counter by taking her "out of her mindset". Physical attraction is very important but personality as well.Evolutionary theorists have often focused on competition when it comes to mate selection.Dating is often referred to as a game in which we compete to get the attention of a potential, or current lover.Previous research has found women play mind games to gauge a level of commitment from their suitor.It’s a mating tactic that gives people the impression that they are ostensibly uninterested to get others to desire them more.

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