Google tv guide not updating

It also points to a larger issue for the consumer-electronics industry.

Now that so many of our gadgets rely on networked services for core functions, the worry that these services might stop one day can become its own sort of existential electronic dread.

— Rob Pegorarois a tech writer based out of Washington, D.

Freeview is updating its TV guide to make way for new channel launches.

Your TV input must provide Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data for at least one channel in its setup activity.

You should also periodically update that data, with consideration for the size of the update and the processing thread that handles it.

Rovi, for its part, has yet to post a notice about it on its support site or its blog.

Then last November, the company, since renamed to Rovi, sent a brief and unenlightening message to "TVGOS" users through their sets' guide apps that it would shut down the entire operation.

You can also plug an MHL-compatible phone into a non-MHL set with an adapter cable, at the cost of losing the remote-control capability.

But over time, MHL may also be more useful as a cheap way to plug in aftermarket devices such as Roku's Streaming Stick, a thumb-sized device that brings Web multimedia to TVs without Internet connectivity of their own.

As part of the update, some channels will move positions in the TV guide.

Some devices will retune automatically, for those that don’t, viewers are recommended to retune on the afternoon or evening of August 2 or any time thereafter.

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