Gretchen wilson john rich dating

She discovered a talent for it, and ended up with writing credits on six songs on her album, five of them shared with Rich.In a year when Nashville is enjoying a sudden upturn in sales and its biggest boom in new artists in a decade, Muzik Mafia has to take a chunk of the credit.

In Ain't You Glad We're Not All California Girls, she invites the menfolk to celebrate real women who aren't Botoxed, airbrushed, Atkins-dieted and silicone-enhanced.

She called herself Country Cutie, and her act became so popular she was pulling in 5 a night.

You can see Wilson's determination and ambition in her cool, level gaze, and trailer-parks in Nowheresville were never going to be enough for her.

Everybody's waiting to hear her huge American hit, Redneck Woman, and when it arrives it's a swaggering anthem to "all the redneck girls like me", who buy their lingerie in Wal-Mart and prefer Budweiser to champagne.

This might sound as if America has lurched dramatically into reverse and succumbed to a bizarre infatuation with stampeding cattle and The Dukes of Hazzard, but whatever Wilson has got looks mighty contagious.

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