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You risk coming across as intimidating, particularly if the neighbour/their daughter are not used to receiving letters as formal.Leaving the marked up plans & your phone number would be sufficient to my mind.Alternatively, the owners may simply not know how to train them or they haven’t even bothered to try.Whatever the reasons, it’s not acceptable so if the barking continues after you’ve spoken to your neighbours, then you should contact your local authority’s dog warden service.Whenever they go out the dogs bark non-top for hours, keeping our one-year-old awake.When they go into the garden it is horrible and they go mad if they hear us at all. Persistent dog barking is not acceptable by law but before you take any formal action, it might be worth visiting your neighbours first and explain the situation to them as they may not be aware that there is a problem.Thanks tedglenn, whereabouts in the country are you.

Their barks are really deep and loud and can be heard easily in our house.

so this is something i've been meaning to do for ages.

next door garden owns random slip of land across back of our garden which is fairly inconsequential to there garden (about 10% and they are getting old and struggling to look after the rest) but would add quite a lot to our garden.

Any sum agreed would exclude your costs and we would cover these in addition (e.g legal costs, transfer of fencing, plants etc) to the sum agreed.

We recognise that this offer may be somewhat of a surprise and perhaps something you would not consider at this point in time, but if circumstances were to change and you would consider selling the land, please keep us in mind.

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