Hp updating ram

The reason is that the RAM is the incorrect speed and doesn't clock down to the BUS speed of the computer hence either not booting up or repeatedly crashing.The RAM is technically not faulty, it's just incompatible for the purposes of upgrading their computer.SSDs will run up to 12 times faster then a HDD and will have Windows loading and ready to use within seconds instead of minutes.All complex programs, high res video, complex audio and other large applications will load, ready to use, within seconds instead of taking several minutes before being ready to utilise.

hp updating ram-78

However when upgrading these types of notebooks you do not have to remove both modules and put in a matching pair.In a working environment, waiting minutes each time a new program loads or for your computer to be ready to use, is a time consuming and costly exercise.Added up, wait times increase to hours lost when totaled over the course of just a week.None of us here have that kind of time to waste, do you?On most HP models, the sticker on the underside of the laptop contains your model number, along with other important information.

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