Hrvacka ota updating

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This week this trio of visionaries launched the Sahara Forest Project: their proposal to combine two innovative technologies, concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Seawater Greenhouses, to produce renewable energy, water and food in an area of ​​desert known to be one of the hottest Places on earth. It has often been said that there will be no one solution to solving the climate crisis and All those issues that surround it, Such as energy sources, food prices and water supply.

Apartments in Rogoznica Omis is a small town and port at the mouth of the Cetina river southeast of Split with extensive sand beaches.

It provides numerous sports and recreational facilities including climbing trails on the cliffs of the Cetina canyon.

Trogir with his beaches, mediterranean climate and 2700 sunny hours a year is a real pearl amongst other tourist destinations of Croatia.

Enjoy magical night walk throught narrow streets of this town-museum...

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