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URL sessions also support canceling, restarting or resuming, and suspending tasks, and provide the ability to resume suspended, canceled, or failed downloads where they left off. HTTP/2 support is described by RFC 7540, and requires a server supporting either ALPN or NPN for protocol negotiation.You can also add support for your own custom networking protocols and URL schemes (for your app’s private use) by subclassing The URL session API itself is fully thread-safe.

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It’s not as customizable as sessions you create, but it serves as a good starting point if you have very limited requirements.For many applications, you will not need to modify these controllers at all.Laravel provides a quick way to scaffold all of the routes and views you need for authentication using one simple command: directory containing a base layout for your application.class and related classes provide an API for downloading content.This API provides a rich set of delegate methods for supporting authentication and gives your app the ability to perform background downloads when your app isn’t running or, in i OS, while your app is suspended.

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