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According to Jen Widerstrom bio, she completed her graduate degree from the University of Kansas where she became a Division I hammer thrower.After receiving her graduate degree, she decided to pursue a full-time career in the field of fitness so she began working hard to achieve her dream.She also got the chance to play crazy games and compete with the other contestants.After she left the show, she again focused her career as a fitness trainer and improved her skills by adding Pilates and Cross Fit to her workout.

“My parents divorced when I was nine and I felt angry and hurt so I spent all my time playing sport to get out my frustrations.

"I started lifting weights when I was ten because it felt good.

“I got my football scholarship for college and worked in a gym through high school.

The handsome Texan, 34, believes it is his calling to ­dedicate his life to listening to the severely overweight and work through their problems, both physically and mentally. He says: “I have sympathy for people but also make them take charge.

“Anybody who has been through a tough time and turns to food to help them . "The individual needs to take ownership of their situation and think, ‘It’s time to help myself’.

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