Josh hutcherson and taylor swift dating

He’s never in the tabloids, making it easy for them to go off to her Nantucket house for a beachside getaway without the threat of a paparazzi overload (But let's be honest, that will probably never happen for her, regardless of her beau).

Josh also doesn’t seem to have too much on his plate, which may be a good thing.

I know they’re casting Wicked: The Movie, right now, so here’s to hoping.

Also, Taylor likes to name her cats after strong female leads (Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy and Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU) so I wouldn’t be surprised if Hermoine Granger was up next. Is it a shock to anyone else that Taylor Swift was never a guest star on Glee?

We all know how busy Taylor is and I’m sure she’d love to know that he’s sitting at home waiting for her every day after work.

Going team Peeta for a little while may do our girl Swifty some good. This idea sparked from a memory of Taylor Swift doing a pretty darn good Kristen Stewart impersonation on SNL quite a few years ago.

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