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Folk Cast heads off on its summer break with a show featuring songs about darkness, songs about light, and songs about the meaning of life!Also, news on Gobefest, Manchester's celebration of the folk traditions of Eastern Europe.this is 'The Morning After': full of mellow music for the fragile folkie following a night before of hedonistic excess.Turn on, tune in, chill out for the gentle musical hangover cure that's more effective than a cooked breakfast with double black pudding!Story Behind The Song: Ae Fond Kiss, presented by Amelia Jocelyn Alphabetti Folketti: S is for Spirogyra Music by: Luke Jackson - Zoe Mulford - Hot Rock Pilgrims - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - The Spooky Men’s Chorale - She Shanties - String Sisters - Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys - The Foxglove Trio - Heather Downie - Said The Maiden - Johnny Flynn - Sarah Mc Quaid - The Fonsecas.Story Behind My Song: William, presented by Ffion Mair My Sweet Whiskey, presented by Michael Rochon Pagan singer-songwriter Damh The Bard (aka Dave The Bard, aka Dave Smith) has launched a career-defining musical project - a telling of the ancient story cycle called Y Mabinogi, based on the traditional bardic tales contained in the earliest native British writings, The Mabinogion.Music by: Dan Walsh & Alistair Anderson - Dusty Cut - Jupiter Owls - Alan Reid & Rob van Sante - Findlay Napier - Ashton Lane - Blue Rose Code - Lucy Kitchen - Kirsty Merryn - Jim Page - Hot Tamale - Lane Norberg - Christine Weir - The Stoned Cherries - Skinner And T’Witch.Story Behind My Song: The Dear Green Place, presented by Alan Reid Young Goths In The Necropolis, presented by Findlay Napier Landlord, presented by Jim Page Music by: Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow - Marek Dusil Blend - Banter - Magpie Lane - Richard Thompson - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - Trouble At Mill - Pilgrim’s Way - Skullthuggery - Ken Nicol - Blackthorn Band - James Parkin - Hope In High Water - Red Shoes - The Foxglove Trio Story Behind My Song: Treachery At The Blue Anchor, presented by Graham Dixon Lullabye, presented by James Parkin Insanely Mental Instrumental: The First Straw Help yourself to another collection of tangy and tasty choice pickings from the musical buffet that we call 'folk'.

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Music by: Kludo White - Beta Radio - Milton Hide - Maxwell, Miranda, Parsley - Julia P - Daniel Nestlerode - Daria Kulesh - Rebecca Hosking - Davidson/Mac Farlane - Skinner & T'witch - The Citizen (aka Ken O’Duffy) - Jimmy Lee Morris - Canny Fettle - Green Matthews - Neil Thomson and Gerry Cambridge - Rich Krueger - Sleeping At Last - Robert Land and Emily Ewing - Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - The Stoned Cherries - Devils Water - KIVA - Andrews Massey Duo An unofficial theme of Sisterhood develops throughout the show. Music by: The Rachel Hamer Band - Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - Neil Mc Sweeney - Old Blind Dogs - Chris Tye - The Roving Crows - Keston Cobblers Club - The Hut People - Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - Roxanne de Bastion - Sam Airey - Steamchicken - The Twisted Twenty - Jimmy Lee Morris - Devils Water - Auld Hat New Heids - Findlay Napier and the Glasgow Song Guild - The Deadly Winters.We get Insanely Mental with an Underground Instrumental, and we find out what happens when you mix bluegrass with thrash metal to create a folkie Frankenstein’s monster!All that, and Stories Behind two Songs recorded just for us by the people who wrote them.Music by: David Stevenson - Mawkin - Simon Nicol & Dave Swarbrick - The Duncan Mc Farlane Acoustic Band - The Detonators - Elder Charlie Beck - Ian Carmichael - The Lancashire Hotpots - Jenna - Al Stewart - Paul J.Openshaw - Ross Ainslie - The Ragman's Band - Beverley Martyn - Richard Thompson - Nelson's Wake - Jack The Lad - Merry Hell - Dana And Susan Robinson - The Ancient Brettons - Jake Island - John Tams & Barry Coope - Stooshie - Rab Noakes.

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