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Hence, you need to ensure that your chatbot has a human-like personality including a life history as well as a visual identity.

Developers are likely to make some common mistakes when building their chatbot, which can undermine the user experience.

Netflix description: In the midst of a midlife crisis, a psychiatrist forms a relationship with a teenage drug dealer, who trades his product for therapy sessions.

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Bots come with a potential to enhance the customer loyalty for a business.

This charming movie (which also stars Mary-Kate Olsen) show that familiar stories such as this one become special with a clever script and impeccable casting.

Netflix description: In this fast-paced actioner, two Miami narcotics cops are hot on the trail of a master crook who has snatched 0 million worth of heroin.

Critic score: 42% Audience score: 78% This is a Michael Bay movie, so expect explosions in the background of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence showcasing their sparkling chemistry.

Surprisingly, there are zero transformers in this one.

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