Luang prabang dating massage bars

Come have a drink on our roofed terrace overlooking the Nam Khan river or just lounge around in our massive garden.

We have an international staff of locals and travelers who are ready 24/7 to make your stay as amazing as possible.

It’s one of the well-trodden routes with hoards of backpackers cramming on wooden boats departing every day.

The journey takes in the wonders of the Mekong; passing by remote villages on the banks of the mighty river.

The tourist scene in Luang Prabang: Rather than an intrepid backpacker destination, nowadays, Luang Prabang is becoming rather touristy, attracting an older, more sophisticated traveller with money to spend on the delicious cuisine and expensive tours.

However, there is something to suit every taste type of budget in Luang Prabang; and backpackers won’t be disappointed – with delicious stuffed fresh baguettes and banana and chocolate roti that can be bought on the street for a dollar – the people here certainly know how to please backpackers!

By Boat from Thailand: One of the most popular ways of getting to Luang Prabang is via the two-day slow boat from Chiang Khong, on the border of Thailand and Laos.

There are great panoramic views of the whole area atop the hill and many people take the climb at sunset.

There’s also a Buddha Cave and supposedly a preserved footprint of the Buddha himself!

We are wonderfully situated at the Nam Khan Riverside, away from the busy streets, smack in the middle of the nightlife area.

We are just across the street from Wat Aham and Wat Visoun, about a ten minute walk from the Night Market, Mount Phousim Wat Xienthong and the Mekong riverside.

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