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[Soundex Code A531]This matronymic surname is derived from Anyutushka, a diminutive form of the women's name Anna.

According to tradition, this surname was given by Doukhobor leader Peter "Lordly" Verigin to the offspring of his sister Anyutushka, some of whom bore the Semenov family name and some of whom bore the Podovinnikov family name.

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The Akimovs among the Doukhobors originated from the province of Tambov, Russia in the 18th century.

This patronymic surname is derived from the men's name Aggei.

The Ageevs among the Doukhobors resided in the province of Irkutsk, Russia in the 19th century.

Alekseishin is derived from Alekseisha, a diminutive form of the men's name Aleksei.

Among the Doukhobors, it originated as an unofficial alternate surname for a branch of the Fofanov family in Elizavetpol and Kars provinces, Russia in the mid-19th century, whose patriarch bore this name.

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