Myspace profile views not updating

He’s making a political statement while also sending a message about respecting the property rights of others.I expect the changes to be reversed quickly, unless the wrong person is sick or out to lunch today. When alerted to the possibility that an underage user has a profile on the site, My Space reacts quickly to investigate and take appropriate action, such as deleting the user profile.

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Since the company’s inception, My Space has met with law enforcement officials around the country to solicit their viewpoints on how My Space can deepen its cooperation with law enforcement and enhance user safety.

My Space operates under a comprehensive series of guidelines and solutions, which we believe represent the best practices in our industry.

The company employs a dedicated customer support team that both provides members and parents with a mechanism to report on inappropriate content posted to the site and allows the company to rapidly respond to safety issues.

Question: Dateline interviewed at 13-year-old My member who had no trouble creating her own My Space page.

What safeguards are in place to prevent anyone under the age of 14 from establishing a profile page on

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