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The American myth of the “Indian Princess” is legendary and seldom do those stories pan out as accurate with DNA testing and traditional genealogical research.

Basing one client’s identification as Native on another client’s family myth without corroboration is a mind-boggling stretch of logic.

Both Y and mitochondrial DNA have scientifically identified and confirmed haplogroups found only in Native Americans, as discussed .

Both Y and mitochondrial DNA at appropriate testing levels can identify a Native ancestor back in time thousands of years.

Most consumers who receive these reports never go any further, because they have achieved what they sought; “confirmation” of their Native heritage through DNA.

A match, even in the best of circumstances where the match does fall into the proven Native haplogroups does not automatically equal to tribal affiliation, and any company who suggests or says it does is substantially misleading their customers.

The United States is often considered the melting pot of cultures, which is a great thing.

We have millions of people with different backgrounds and viewpoints from whom we can learn.

Tribes historically , so finding a non-Native, meaning a European or African haplogroup in a tribal member is not unusual, even if the tribal member’s enrollment is based on that particular genealogical line.Not only can you filter those members by things like age, location, gender, and interests, but you can also filter them by ethnicity, religion, culture, and lifestyle.You won’t find more Native American singles anywhere else!Furthermore, many people are tribally enrolled whose mitochondrial or Y DNA would not be historically Native, because their tribal membership is not based on that ancestral line.Therefore, tribal membership alone is not predictive of a Native American Y or mitochondrial haplogroup.

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