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Although the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is located adjacent to the Sapphire pool and has no cover charge in the afternoon, customers of the pool cannot go back and forth from pool to club.But the Sapphire dancers at the pool will let you know (if you ask) that there is a VIP area of the club where pool customers can go with dancers from the pool area.The Sapphire pool tends to get good crowds, partly due to Sapphire’s wise decision to allow locals in most days for free. You don’t have to be there to meet dancers—lots of couples are coming. There’s a beer pong table and complimentary squirt guns available at the cashier’s booth just in case a squirt gun fight breaks out, which happens with some regularity.That makes for one of the best daytime parties on the planet. The go-go dancers are so sexy I’ve been thinking of applying for a job as a towel boy just so I can go to work there every day and watch them.If you’re not renting a lounge or cabana, the only convenient shade you’ll find is at the bar, which is close to the fountain shower.

I have seen a two-drink minimum occasionally at the pool at per drink when there’s been a special DJ.

If you want to meet a dancer, hang out in the pool or by the bar or food concession and don’t be shy about introducing yourself to any really hot babes who just seem to be hanging out there.

The knockouts wearing pink wristbands will all be Sapphire dancers. ” Pro tip: If you see a hot girl at the pool who’s wearing a pink wristband (and you’ll see a lot of them), that means she’s a Sapphire dancer and you can buy her a drink, invite her to share your cabana, or ask her for a private dance in Sapphire’s VIP room (there’s a secret back entrance to the club she can lead you to)..

In addition to the aforementioned complimentary squirt guns, free sunglasses are also made available to guests.

For now, I’m listing the cover charge at this pool as usually free, or if you arrive by cab.

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