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On Saturday, they defeated 14-0 Mallard Creek, 21-0.

The US Weather Bureau once used Coastal Warning Display towers such as this one to fly signal flags to warn mariners of wind shifts or approaching storms.

With 40 years of experience, Kitty Hawk Kites specializes in developing new pilots for the Hang Gliding and Paragliding communities.

Whether you have zero experience or you need to work on your spot landings, the instructors at Kitty Hawk Kites can help you achieve your goal.

On November 10, 1904, the Weather Bureau established the Manteo Weather Station with Alpheus W. The Manteo Chamber of Commerce requested that the bureau be given permission to place a tower on the grounds of the Dare County Courthouse.

In 2005, the Town of Manteo had the tower refurbished and moved to this site so that weather signal flags could once again fly on the Manteo waterfront.

You may be surprised how achievable a Hang 1 or a Para 1 rating actually can be…it’s definitely within your grasp!Manteo's coastline faces Shallowbag Bay and Roanoke Sound, a fact that affords many opportunities for the boating enthusiast.Manteo Marina Public docks are available for daytime use on the Manteo waterfront adjacent to the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse and the Town Gazebo.The Manteo Weather Tower is believed to be one of only five towers still in use, and may be the only one with all of its original signal lights affixed. Collins boathouse is the second phase of the Peas Island Cookhouse project.It houses a surf boat on loan from the National Park Service.

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