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I am a married man, in case this has any sway on my opinion. I associate plaid skirts, thigh highs, stockings, fishnets, corsets, unusually tall heels, low cut shirts, short skirts, bold makeup, and more with a desire for sexytimes.I understand that this is not always the intention when wearing these things but it is a mental association.

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Not fishnets, not thigh highs, but regular pantyhose. In the bedroom, they make for some interesting times. Panty lines & the fealing of something crawling up ( you know where is unbearable to me) VIVA LA PANTY HOSE. I do wear thigh highs sometimes too, but they are not as comfortable.. Here's my wish for the men who are like are gaga over women in panty hose.

However, during the act, clothes, shoes, stockings...

they make ZERO impact on me and mostly, I prefer there to be no clothes involved at all.

i told them it was a boring book series I'm reading and dodged that bulllet.

In this case "search history" may not be a true history but likely the autocomplete. Unless there's something in particular that bothers you about them, sounds like you should wear them.

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