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In 1980, Pee-wee Herman hit the silver screen for the first time.He had a small role, but it was Pee-wee all right: the credits read “Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman.” Groundlings pals Edie Mc Clurg, Phil Hartman, and Cassandra (“Elvira”) Peterson were also in the movie, along with the future Mrs. Reubens appeared in two other Cheech & Chong movies, but not as Pee-wee, although there was a definite resemblance in his Howie Hamburger Dude in .The only questions that weren’t allowed were name, occupation, income or age.Nothing was supposedly scripted but I’m pretty sure that a least the celebrity guest stars got some warning what the questions might be and even some “helpful” words from the writers.

He also had knack for finding cool stuff and showing it off, stemming from his love of thrift shops and vintage toys. An open casting call inspired Reubens to don his Pee-wee suit and head over, in character. The woman who chose him ended up getting married before they actually went out, but it didn't matter: Pee-wee was finding his audience.

Influenced by comedian Andy Kaufman and intrigued by conceptual art, he created the character of a little boy in a man's body, who loved to show off his toys, and talked like a kid: I know you are but what am I? was relaunching with an entirely new cast, and Paul Reubens was one of 22 finalists up for a spot.

When Gilbert Gottfried got it instead, Reubens wondered if he should pack it in. —he got some cash from his parents and help from his Groundlings friends, and put together .

"The world was much different back then -- Netflix was waiting by the mailbox for red envelopes to arrive.

December 20, 1965 – July 6, 1973 1/2 hour episodes (8 seasons in original run) on ABC Other versions of the show appeared during the years: (1973–1974 as The New Dating Game), (1978–1980), (1986–1989) and (1996–1999) on different networks with different production companies Created and Produced by: Chuck Barris, Chuck Barris Productions Jim Lange was the sole host for the entire run of the series (1965-1971) He also hosted two of the shows re-boots (1973-’74) and (1978-’80)Below is a list of guest stars that you may recognize: THE SCOOPThis was sort of a sixties style boy meets girl but first boy must proof that he is worthy of girl by answering some telling questions.

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