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Then there’s what are euphemistically dubbed “freelancers”, prostitutes that independently cruise bars looking for paying customers.

According to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women ( some fifteen thousand Australian men a year visit Angeles, north of Manila, on sex tours; plenty of Americans, Brits and Europeans join them, while Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese have developed their own networks, usually based on karaoke bars and restaurants.

They shall each be assisted by a Secretariat headed by an Executive Director who shall be a Filipino citizen with sufficient experience in manpower administration, including overseas employment activities. Any person applying with a private fee-charging employment agency for employment assistance shall not be charged any fee until he has obtained employment through its efforts or has actually commenced employment. It shall be unlawful for any individual, entity, licensee, or holder of authority: To charge or accept, directly or indirectly, any amount greater than that specified in the schedule of allowable fees prescribed by the Secretary of Labor, or to make a worker pay any amount greater than that actually received by him as a loan or advance; To furnish or publish any false notice or information or document in relation to recruitment or employment; To give any false notice, testimony, information or document or commit any act of misrepresentation for the purpose of securing a license or authority under this Code. Any recruitment activities, including the prohibited practices enumerated under Article 34 of this Code, to be undertaken by non-licensees or non-holders of authority, shall be deemed illegal and punishable under Article 39 of this Code.

The Council shall call upon any agency of the Government or the private sector to assist in this effort. The centers shall be administered and operated under such rules and regulations as may be established by the Council. The Council shall thereafter administer the national skills standards. The Council shall exercise, through the Secretariat, authority and jurisdiction over, and administer, on-going technical assistance programs and/or grants-in-aid for manpower and youth development including those which may be entered into between the Government of the Philippines and international and foreign organizations and nations, as well as persons and organizations in the Philippines.

"Private fee-charging employment agency" means any person or entity engaged in recruitment and placement of workers for a fee which is charged, directly or indirectly, from the workers or employers or both.

"License" means a document issued by the Department of Labor authorizing a person or entity to operate a private employment agency.

The Philippines, like some other Southeast Asian countries, has an unfortunate reputation for prostitution and sex tourism.

It’s a huge industry domestically with an estimated 800,000 men, women and, sadly, children working in the trade.

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