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For some women, dick pics can totally be a turn-on when they’re unsolicited—everyone is entitled to their own sexual preferences.But we speak for a good number of ladies when we say that the male penis is not aesthetically pleasing or a turn-on unless it’s actually being used for sex. Your penis is great, but it’s really not as sexy as think it is.Yeah, the odds might be 2/100, but it certainly cuts out the time of courting.“I like to be to the point,” says Nathan, a recent grad from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.“Because it’s digital, sending nudes gives me a level of anonymity.I think it makes showing a woman my penis very casual instead of same grand or maybe horrifying event.“It turns me on like crazy when a woman randomly sends me naughty pictures of herself, so I don’t get why girls I’m talking to get freaked out instead of letting it be pleasurable.” As the saying goes, we should treat others the way we want to be treated in return, because that means a cycle of mutual affection and respect.However, that doesn’t mean send her a dick pic, because you in return would like to receive a vagina pic. Unexpected penis shots aren’t coming from our best guy friends or men we really know all that well.

At least it means we can speed up the rejection process!

They can be followed by endless messages from a guy coercing us into texting a nude back. They can be unsolicited to the point that it’s just blatant harassment, especially if it happens repeatedly.

“I’ve never sent an unsolicited dick pic, but my current girlfriend used to receive them regularly from an ex-boyfriend, and it scared the crap out of her,” says Caleb, a senior at California State University San Marcos. It’s sexual harassment, and I know it’s possible to go to prison for it.

A dick pic can definitely make a woman squirm––but not always in a good way.

While a lot of dick pics just seem harmless and questionable, there are some that make us feel incredibly unsafe.

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