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But the most popular type had to be the white sugar-coated peanut. A perennial with dull or glossy thick bluish-green, oval, often glaucous leaves and elongated fleshy inflorescences. 498 Kalang-kabut: very obscure or involved; Si Jamin [Si-Djamin dan Si Djohan (2nd ed.), (Batavia: Balai Poestaka)] 60, = kělam kabut. The classic combed-back hairdo – or the “currypok” in local lingo – sported by stars such as Elvis Presley and John Travolta has been spotted on young men here. [R]eferring to what his friends call his “Curry Puff” hair..]68–69 The portion of the town which stands on the western side of the river covers probably an area of 128 acres; but though it is the busiest it is by no means the largest.

Maybe this was why the term “kachang puteh” was coined. It is cut for the market from the young plants or before the first flower buds begin to open. oleracea but it is quite unlike any kale grown in Europe or England. On the eastern side are the various campongs, or districts, bordering one on the other, and which together occupy an area of 333 acres.

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, 11 August, H3 And stories he [Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong] has told of himself as a young shipping greenhorn, scrambling to pick up thye cigar-chomping and wine-sipping habits of his European clients, only endear him to the regular Joe, who sees him as a , 5 October, L39 Kacang pool..

Perhaps the most interesting part about kachang puteh is how the nuts were presented – in paper cones made from pages of old magazines, which one was prone to read when he was done with the colourful, tasty nuts. albiflora), a perennial plant with oval leaves and fleshy leaf-stalks which is eaten as a vegetable; cabbage mustard, Chinese kale. Though the Campongs Java, Bugis, &c., were probably first occupied by the races whose name they bear, no such distinction appears now to exist.

gàilán: gài mustard lán orchid or blue; indigo plant (Chi.–Eng. A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya 174 Kampong. It forms the prefix to the names of many places in the Peninsula, such as Kampong Bharu, Kampong Rawa, &c.

Back in the 1960s, there were 40 families which called it home, but now there are little over 20 left. ), 9 February, 4 Unlike normal chickens which are commercially bred on a large scale, kampong chickens are not kept in a cage but allowed to roam freely. They are said to be tougher, leaner and healthier than normal chickens. ), 4 January, 6 I also canned the big dinner plan, choosing there and then to cook. ‘ka ni na bu chee bye’ in Hokkien language meaning ‘fuck you mother vagina’ [], during the execution of his duty as such public servant, and you have thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 13(D)(1)(a) of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, Chapter 184./ n. 2004 The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), 29 December, 14 According to the Chinese community, eating kangkong is associated with getting cramp in the legs. The belief could be based on the concept of the cooling and heaty properties of vegetables, as well as how ‘cool’ or ‘heaty’ a person already is..

My only purchase that day was a fresh kampung chicken for .50 and potatoes, which would serve as our Christmas dinner. [Mal.] Ipomoea aquatica, a perennial semi-aquatic plant of the genus Convolvulus producing long shoots with white or pink flowers, arrow-shaped leaves and hollow stems, which is eaten as a vegetable; water spinach. It’s not easy to determine which foods are in either category, but kangkong may be considered so [cooling] because it grows in water.

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