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None of the tracks are especially offensive and his witty energy is entertainment, but not too memorable.Definitely worth a listen; a solid fun time, but not a classic.A self-described average student, Letterman later endowed a scholarship for what he called "C students" at Ball State.Letterman began his career as a radio talk show host on WNTS (AM) and on Indianapolis television station WLWI (which changed its call sign to WTHR in 1976) as an anchor and weatherman.

(that was never picked up), and co-starred in the Barry Levinson-produced comedy special Peeping Times that aired in January 1978.

Richard Jeni is one of the funnier, lesser-known comics in America.

His Greatest Bits CD is about the length of a television special, but its economy makes for an enjoyable experience.

Throw a live hair drier in your bathtub as we play another LOVE SONG.

Now here he is with his big hit single "You will never get her back" from the album "You really blew it this time", A LOVE SONG. v=odq ZAGNvxh I Can we forget this timeless love song with the lyric: "Turn around bitch I've got a use for you Besides, you've got nothing better to do And I'm bored" https://

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