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Tobar na h-Oige (Well of the Young) is located near Culloden and was known for curing all ailments.Fuaran a' Chragan Bhreag (Well of the Speckled Rock) is located near Craig Dundain and Fuaran na Capaich (The Keppoch Well) is located near Culloden.

Inverness and its immediate hinterland have a large number of originally Gaelic place names as the area was solidly Gaelic-speaking until the late 19th century.Several springs which were traditionally thought to have healing qualities exist around Inverness.Fuaran Dearg, which translates as the "red spring" is a chalybeate spring located near Dochgarroch.Beyond the then northern limits of the town, Oliver Cromwell built a citadel capable of accommodating 1,000 men, but with the exception of a portion of the ramparts it was demolished at the Restoration.The only surviving modern remnant is a clock tower.

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