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Therefore, given the public nature of my position, it is high time to conduct an exhaustive, independent investigation to lay these concerns to rest once and for all." Van Sloun is one of four Crosiers who had been investigated for possible misconduct, but cleared by the order.They are now under restrictions while being looked at again, a Crosier spokesman said Saturday." Earlier this month, the Crosiers hired the Twin Cities law firm of Faegre & Benson to investigate past and present allegations of sexual misconduct against its members. "I offer them our deepest apologies." Dave Kostik, a Crosier spokesman, said the order will "make a public report of some sort" on the firm's findings after the investigation.The firm will review all documents related to misconduct and the personnel files of any Crosier priest, brother, employee or volunteer named in a misconduct allegation, said the Rev. `We are changing' Carkhuff said the Crosiers are considering naming those under restrictions when the investigation is done.According to a confidential settlement signed in 1988, the victim was paid 0,000, which he says was meant to keep him from publicly discussing what happened and filing a lawsuit."Hush money is what it was," said Mark London, who said he is speaking out because he wants the Crosiers to be held accountable.Allegations emerge Not far from Onamia, the priests and brothers at St.

In what they called hope for ” healing, peace and comfort to the victims and their families” the Crosier Province, headquartered in Phoenix released the names of 19 Crosiers with one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of minors.The Star Tribune also has learned that six Crosiers were accused of sexually abusing minors in the 1970s and '80s at a prep school run by the order in Onamia, Minn.Four of them are among those on restrictions, and two are out of the order.The abbott has said that 13 monks are living under restrictions there, and that another is under limited restrictions because of new allegations.Misconduct reports began surfacing in Minnesota more than a decade ago, leading to criminal charges and lawsuits across the state.

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