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I applied the same mentality to exercise and just promised myself that I would move my body every day in whatever way felt best to me.

When I was eating raw, I followed this myth that I could eat as much as possible and lose weight.

So the passengers could conceivably do "reverse cowgirl." Or any other position that looks like you’re sleeping, really. But remember, be quiet, people are sleeping/watching Step 2: Since most bigger planes that fly international routes don’t allow for two people in three seats (what with their big center sections and pairs of double seats on each side), the “in-the-seat” option is less likely to work.

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Step 2: Select the aisle and window seats of the same row, ideally on a flight that doesn't typically sell out.

Watch the lights in the FRONT of the plane -- when they go out too, that’s your cue.

Step 4: Snuggle up under a blanket that you brought in your carry-on bag.

(Note: not because flight attendants are having any mid-flight sex, or course, but because they know EXACTLY how you .

Sure, there’s a 97% chance someone will live-tweet it, but they don’t know your REAL names.

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