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The key to a healthy relationship is the mutual understanding.

“If someone seriously wants to be part of your life, they will seriously make an effort to be in it. No excuses.” – Unknown Author Relationships can come in all kinds of styles, from super-serious soulmates, to casual Friday night dinners. After all, if they remained stagnant, they wouldn’t be so much fun.

I would never introduce someone to my family if we weren’t somewhat serious.

When you live with your parents, it’s almost impossible for you not to meet your BF’s parents or for him to meet yours.

Well, when we try to explain an irrational emotion such as love in scientific terms, we only refer it to as a hormonal change.

You get that butterflies in the stomach feeling all the time but as time progresses, things change and the same intensity of emotion is hard to maintain.

Passwords are important – after all, they could lock you out of your Netflix account with a few clicks.

What used to bore you to tears now seems wonderful, and you don’t need an insane amount of excitement to feel content.

And have stopped regularly stalking your ex, his new girlfriend, and all of their friends on social media — because your new partner is the only one you care about.

There’s nothing like the magic of a new relationship.

You’re getting to know each other, having loads of fun and falling in love. It can creep up on you if you aren’t actively paying attention, but once you realize it, suddenly it all becomes clear: this is the real deal.

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