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She recognized that this was some sort of protective stance he was assuming but she did not understand exactly what it was or why he was doing it.

She asked him once again, "Tom, back there when the car honked its horn you took that same position as you did with the dog, why?

Their design collaborations have always erred on the side of unexpected - from Undercover's Jun...

The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin using the computer until they hear something going on.

They were walking home from the movies one night when a vicious dog charged them only to be stopped by a strong chain.

The dog's feet flew into the air as he hit the end of the chain growling very fiercely startling both Brenda and Tom.

Tom did it again, he bent and put one foot behind the other and held his arms out and slightly bowed his head.

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The ninth and final segment starts with Richard walking on the sidewalk, noticing Billy crying. Richard gets sent to court and is sentenced to jail.He tries to hug the prisoners, who in turn punch him so hard he flies out of the jail and lands in the hospital.A screen comes up saying love is the answer to almost every problem, but then the rest of the Watterson family meets Richard and hugs him." Tom, seemed to want to avoid the question and first said, "I don't know, I guess I just reacted." "Yes but why did you do what you did, crouching and putting your arms out like that, is that some sort of martial art's stance or something? "Ah, ya, ah no I don't think so I never studied martial arts it was nothing just forget about it," replied Tom.Brenda brushed it off until several weeks later when they were walking through a parking lot and a car snuck up behind them and blew its horn.

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