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"The population of Somalis in Minnesota is concentrated in those younger years." She also says to look at percentage in the labor force by sex.

"The percentage in the labor force for men matches Somalis and non-Somalis in Minnesota, at 84 percent," Brower said.

Yes, it's true Minnesota's Somali population lives in poverty in greater numbers than many other cultural groups in the state. Cloud event last week could use a little context, said Minnesota State Demographer Susan Brower. Cloud State University, presented state data on the economic status of cultural groups in Minnesota.

He looked at state demographic data that tracks unemployment, participation in the labor force and median income.

He concluded the state's Somali population appears to have a higher rate of poverty, higher rate of unemployment, lower median income and lower percentage of people looking to be in the workforce than most other groups in the state.

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"The thing I probably would have drawn attention to had I been in the room is to say look, this is a picture we can already see is improving, both for Somalis in Minnesota as the economy improved, but also for everyone," Brower said.

Brower said the Minnesota State Demographic Center hopes to release an update later this year on the report Palmer primarily pulled numbers from," The Economic Status of Minnesotans: A Chartbook With Data for 17 Cultural Groups," released in January 2016.

Brower pointed to another problem with potentially limiting the number of working-age adults who can enter the state. the labor force is expected to grow very little," she said. Cloud grew from births, migration Those numbers take into account the current rate of immigration and a projected uptick.

"The problem if we decide not to accept anyone else into the state from abroad is ... "Even given those assumptions that we would seen an increase in immigration ... welcoming people here, we have to realize the economy is going to want to keep growing." For a full copy of Palmer's report or to hear audio from Thursday's event at the St.

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