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You, and the people attending the retreat, will be glad you did.Likewise, your CEO (or top executives) should do serious soul-searching before the retreat.Flowers moves into town and starts using his dreams as a shortcut to other places.

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Talk about companies that are the best in world at what they do - GE on governance, Zappos on culture, and Google at innovation.

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The good news is that the economy is recovering, and corporate retreat dollars are flowing again.

Learning principles are far more valuable than learning tactics or tips. Use the retreat to develop and defeat your perfect competitor. If run well, people will leave the activity with a sense of the competitive landscape and an idea of how to do better in serving the customer. If people leave your retreat with a renewed sense of what the company stands for, you will have done more good than by showing people the details of the latest financial strategy.

Here's a single idea that will make your next retreat one people talk about for years (in a positive sense). The best retreats I've ever attended had a values discovery session, followed by a "develop and defeat your perfect competitor" segment. Avoid the desire to tell people about new HR policies.

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    The combination of two individuals' different MHC major histocompatibility locus genes gives their offspring an advantage in beating back disease organisms.

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    A total of 53% of US participants admitted to having lied in their online dating profile.